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Custom Trophies
Gun Grips
Jewelry Boxes
Brochure Holders
Vacuum Forming
Candy Bins



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Sorority Photo Display


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3 Dimensional Acrylic Sign

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Jewelry Box Made Of Acrylic
With Back Carving


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Acrylic Award With Back Carving

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3 Dimensional Acrylic Sign

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Wedding Cake Top Decoration


wedding cake money receptacle

Acrylic Wedding Cake
Money Gift Receptacle


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3D Layered Sign

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Tyson's 3D Sign

Candy Bins


**Photo Coming Soon***






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Petri Dish Caddies

(fits Darwin Coolers)

Caddies available in 8, 6 or 4 columns

8 column=96 petri dishes

6 column=72 petri dishes

4 column=48 petri dishes



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Gun With Snake Skin Grips



HPIM0432.JPG (102709 bytes)HPIM0432.JPG (102709 bytes)

Custom Trophies

(Breast Cancer Awareness Trophies)


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Snake Skin Gun Grips


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Engraved Jewelry Box





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